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May 08, 2008


Patricia     Davies

Peter Singer`s views on "using animals" are the most logical that
I have ever heard. As a lifelong vegetarian and natural animal lover I feel that we should not USE animals in any way, simply because they were given life (as we were) by a higher power than ours - a power completely beyond our understanding. By using animals we are giving ourselves the belief that we are omnipotent. What egotism! How dare we? Apart from this subject I would dearly love to hear Peter`s thoughts on an entirely different subject - namely

What can be done about the ridiculous rise in the world`s population ? Somewhere , someway, it HAS to be curbed. It is obviously the cause of global warming, world poverty etc. etc.

I do not believe that abortion or euthenasia are in any way moral answers, so have finally, after very long consideration decided on the following -



If this could be achieved the problems would be solved.

Patricia Davies.

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