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September 02, 2008


Juan Fernando Ramos Martínez de Federico

Greetings and congratulations from Spain. Recently I've reached the point where I click on your page wishing the new article already to be posted. Let me praise your work by stressing the feature of it that appeals me the most: the well-wrought balance between the length of the podcast and the depth achieved in the topic discussed. I usually found myself even three times within a so short a listening wandering in a thought already prompted by it. I also found in it a very useful tool for filling the gaps that the schedules for philosophy training inflicts upon the students...well, for those willing these to be filled. Let me end highlighting up to now what I consider to be the perfect match between inquirers and inquired: el señor Quentin Skinner. Something happens when this man speaks. Good bye. See you on the three million.

Jeffrey Sykes

Nigel and David: Thank you so much for your work here. It has opened up an entire new world for me amidst the day to day doldrums of office life.

I can't thank you enough.



Yes, fantastic job - love the podcast and blog.

Really enjoyed the Satre and Kierkegaard episodes - how about one on Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo?

Ooh goody I see you have one out on Nietzche! Love the existentialists.

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