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May 27, 2012


Roger Morris

I had to laugh (maybe even cheer)during the discussion between Nigel and Onora O'Neill when Nigel brought up the predictable secularist whinge about ethics committees containing religious ethicists (12.23 - 13.30min).

I love Onora's corrective response to Nigel's blatant anti-religionist predjudice revealed by this question. I also cheered when Onora responded to Nigel's follow-on cheap shot, suggesting that religious ethicists were on a par with homeopaths and astrologers.

Nigel's disrespectful and condescending biases were nicely stomped on and I loved it.

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I also cheered when Onora addressed Nigel's follow-on inexpensive taken, indicating that spiritual ethicists were on a par with homeopaths and astrologers.

Michael Parshall

I don't see how one can think Nigel is biased. He's doing what he always does and that is raising common objections, not revealing whether or not he personally holds them. He doesn't actually present himself as a critic of religion.
Very informative topic regardless. O'Neill was a pleasure to listen to.

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