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January 29, 2007


Richard Mascall

"This statement makes me want to give the book to Oxfam ..."

It sounds as if Oxfam is not one of your favourite charities, then ?


I'm no fan of tower blocks (and I've lived in three). They are aesthetically unappealing, usually ill-constructed, age badly, and suffer from numerous other weaknesses.

However, I can't help feeling that critics of such architecture and its impact in Britain fail to even recognize - let alone address - that such architecture (and far more egregious examples thereof) is commonplace throughout Easter Europe without being associated with the same problems.

I once lived in a relatively acceptable tower block near Manchester, and while the living space was not actually that bad I would not want to repeat the experience: the estate was pretty much a textbook example of everything bad associated with the phenomenon. At the time I was willing to blame the architecture for at least contributing to the problems.

Since then, I have lived in two aging Soviet 'panelaky' in Prague. Both of these were of greatly inferior design to (and far worse condition than) the Manchester tower block; additionally, one was in the middle of an estate comprising several hundred such tower blocks, and thus an excess of hideousness unheard of in Britain. However, there were *none* of the social problems associated with British high-rise estates, which seems to me to falsify the perspective that the architecture itself is to blame.


The fact the She couldn't be bothered to check facts and records is ridiculous.

Erno Goldfinger died in Willow road, in 1985 of natural causes. He did not jump off Trellick. Many other people have but he is not one of them.

That she can state that he did in a book, makes me take NOTHING she says in this book seriously, which is a shame as it is rather a nice book.

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