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December 13, 2007


Dave Maier

I look forward to reading the book, but again, I think I would enjoy it more without the triumphant proclamation that bold Sir Bernard has slain the anti-essentialist tyrant Wittgenstein, laid low by his careless dogmatism about games, which had gone unnoticed before the blessed arrival of our shamefully unsung hero.

"Let the pigeons loose! Mad Ludwig is dead, his humourless minions scattered to the four winds! Break out the necessary and sufficient conditions!" &c.

I'm not going to get into it again. If you're curious, see my comment of the other day. My goodness, don't they teach _Philosophical Investigations_ in school anymore? What is the world coming to, I do declare. (Hint: it's not about the philosophy of sports.)

Ophelia Benson

My favorite invention was the underemployed Boy Scout who sulks whenever his grandmother won't cross the street as often as he wants her to (so that he can 'help' her) and who turns into the kind of adult who forces everyone he knows to stage little dramas so that he can play the desired role. It's really really funny, not least because it inspires anxious introspection...

N. N.

I'll add to Dave's correct comments that Wittgentein nowhere says (or even suggests) that the concept 'game' "can't be analyzed." Describing the network of the different but related uses of 'game' is an analysis of the concept (cf. PI, 90).

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