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February 23, 2008


Paul E

What a foolish stance to take. So many important ideas have been introduced against religious objections. Even the development of religion itself has required 'heretics' to express opinions that offend deeply their congregations (e.g. allowing the bible to be printed and distributed to the non-clergy).

Also, in such a pluralistic society if we only behave or speak in a way that doesn't offend *everybody* there will be a very small set of things to say and do available!

Can someone send the chap a copy of On Liberty? :-)

Paul E

Two other points: What happens when religious beliefs are mutually offensive? Do we allow the one with the most adherents to trump the minority one?

Why is it now OK to discriminate against the non-religious? Perhaps it'd be easier to have science and atheism declared as religions too?!

Vitor Guerreiro

It is contradictory that people with religious beliefs claim to be "offended" with the statement of disbelief by disbelievers and still try to propagate their faith.

What about my beliefs? As a disbeliever I have a set of beliefs myself:

a) I believe that religious beliefs are false.
b) I believe that morality has no use for religion and even that religious beliefs hinder the progress of morality because people follow them out of bias or bigotry and not out of reasoning.
c) I believe religious beliefs have no guidance to offer people in almost every relevant moral issue. They are far too obsessed with people's sexual orientation and similar matters.
d) I believe religion is nothing more than the cultural expression of our conservative and less intelligent instincts.
e) I believe religion is onde of the major sources of violence and intolerance in our world.

Why should I be "responsible" in the statement of these beliefs? How can I be more responsible than just being truthful about my own beliefs? Why are my beliefs any "less" than religious beliefs. What a hell is a "religious" belief and why is it so special? Why do religious believers feel entitled to sell their beliefs to children, including children whose parents are disbelievers? Why does it feel "offensive" when disbelievers merely assert their positions, even if they argue their case without appealing to the authorities and "responsable use of freedom of speech" in order to silent their oponents?

Ha Yes

It's been known for sometime now that the UN has its own brand of religion to push... and to the exclusion and elimination of all others. These days though, science is a religion and so is atheism. Capitalism, government, and self are all religions today. Think about what that means, when your speech has to respect religion. As well, we may not agree on religious issues, but why must that introduce more drama than say, disagreeing on how to lead a healthy life...? Have all the soda and greeseburgers you want, it's your life and your death. But as someone who cares about what happens even to ppl I don't know, I will periodically remind you.. exercise is good... greens and fruits are good... maybe you'll listen, and maybe not, but lets not make a drama of it.

As an aside, religion causes as many wars as bullets cause deaths... zero. Man kills, beliefs do not. for many, religion is the excuse for murder and enriching themselves, but how many religions are truely based on these ideals?


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