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October 23, 2012


Paul Whitehead

Wittgenstein - I can't possibly comment

Paul Whitehead

Ayer - I'm with Ludo

Paul Whitehead

Berkeley - where'd that tree go?


Quine - The unity of tweet significance is the whole of timeline.


Oh my God, Derrida...

Shery Kearney

May I make a poster of these for my Advanced Placement Language and Communication class? I will provide credit.

Tom Swigg

Thales - ontlogical tsunami

Marcus Lira

James - What difference does it make?

(By the way, Peirce's name is misspelled)

Richard Baron

Marsilius - You should see my greater part!

Gabriel Gottlieb

Zizek: Lacan and Stalin walk into a bar.

Tom Swigg

Thales – ontlogical tsunami


Nietzsche - smells fishy to me


Early Wittgenstein: "No comment." (You floated that one on Twitter, and I think it's better.)

Later Wittgenstein: "It's all in the game."


Hobbes: This sucks, we're out of here.


Zizek: Zizek.


Augustine, Aquinas, Maimonides, Averroes, Avicenna, Ockham, Scotus, Abelard, Boethius, etc.: "You seem to have missed a spot."

James Alexander Robinson IV

Rand- A concept is a mental integration of two or more units possessing the same distinguishing characteristic(s), with their particular measurements omitted.


Ockham: short


My my my Derrida, why why why Derida...


Zack: Exactly! Not a small one either...


Nagel: closing your eyes is not the answer
Searle: interesting symbols
Abellard: something really big, and then some!


Nietzsche: get a life!
Hegel: i don't care about the tweet an sich
Schopenhauer: power!


Foucault: i don't use twitter

Michael Scriven

Popper: Unfalsifiable.

Einstein: Not now.


You forgot:

Heidegger: World? You didn't build that...

Luther Blissett

It's cute that Derrida is sous rature.

Husserl ought to be [bracket], not (parens).

Which student of Husserl influenced three of the philosophers on the list?



Nozick: justice for people who think they pay too much tax.

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